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Freya 1.0
Freya 1.0
Freya 1.0
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Power and control and a lovely padel sound

Very comfortable strap. The best racket I have used. I’ve used several at the £70-150 mark and this simple and effective racket outclassed the lot!!!

Great control, great power and a solid sweet spot! Awesome sound when you strike the ball well and good hand feel! Can’t beat the value for money for this racket!

Combined power and control

Lovely feeling racket with control and power in perfect balance. Forgiving enough around the edge of the racket and deliberately clean on the sweet spot! Recommend for intermediate to advanced players but also beginners can do well with this!!!

Bella Hamilton
Super quick

Smooth transaction, delivered quickly great product.

Jordan Ring
The Power of the Padel School in the Palm of Your Hand

As an intermediate/advanced padel player, I decided to give this racket a shot. I'm glad I did.

I'm generally picky when it comes to rackets, and end up liking very few that I try out. I've entrusted my padel performance to the Blackcrown Piton 9.0 Soft for the last six months and it's been near perfect. But it can always get a bit better right?

This racket proved my theory correct. But before we get to all the juicy praise, let me share one potential pitfall:

--I made more mistakes with my volleys upon making the switch to this racket. It's likely that it's not the racket and it's just user error, but I thought I'd mention it as the only slight negative just in case. Maybe the racket doesn’t grip the ball as much as I am used to and I will need to adjust? Hard to say for sure.

What I loved:

--The strap is great and fits itself snugly. I like the straps that tighten themselves vs. just a loose string.
--The sweet spot feels like it's everywhere. Overheads feel great. Bandeja/vibora hits with control and topspin smashes come off the racket nicely. Volleys hit with a pop, lobs do what lobs are supposed to do, and defensive shots keep the rally going.
--Blocking at the net on strong balls feels great. The racket absorbs the impact and the ball goes almost exactly where you want it to go.
-- The ball sings off this racket on every hit, but I also feel an overwhelming sense of control. I've tried power rackets and don't get the promised power which is why I generally stick with control rackets. This one feels like a win win as it feels really powerful too.

It’s hard to buy a racket online before you try it out. However, it’s honestly hard for me to believe most players won’t immediately fall in love with this one.

Thanks to the Padel School for creating one heck of a racket for us normal folk who just love to play the game.

Additional Information
A performance racket designed by players for players. Soft carbon construction, weighing 360-365g, with medium to head balance. This racket is ideal for players that have been playing for a while and want to bring more control to their game.
This was created by The Padel School to be a great fit for recreational players at the intermediate and advanced levels.