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Padel Corner is a brand new Padel brand to hit the UK market. A dedicated manufacturer and retailer with a clear focus on accessibility, reliability and design.

Padel Corner was founded with a vision to be more than just a retailer, but rather a community where players would come together to find the latest trends in the sport, shop gear and share their padel moments.

Padel club

Expanding on Padel Corner's existing narrative, the brand not only thrives as a fresh and dedicated padel entity in the UK market but also distinguishes itself with two dynamic physical store locations in Slough and Crawley at Padel Hub clubs.

Padel store

These venues underscore the brand's innovative "try before you buy" offer, allowing enthusiasts to personally experience the rackets before making a purchase.

Leading the padel scene, Padel Corner boasts a comprehensive online shop featuring one of the UK's largest ranges of padel rackets and products.

Looking ahead, the brand envisions expanding its physical presence with more locations in 2024 and beyond, reinforcing its commitment to growing the padel community and making the sport more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Shop the best padel brands from around the world with Padel Corner :)