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Does the shape of your padel racket make a difference?

Does the shape of your padel racket make a difference?

Padel Rackets usually have 3 different shapes

So many times we receive this question: My game is suited to a diamond shape padel racket, but I want to use this round shaped racket, do you think it is possible to change?

Considering all the characteristics of the padel racket, players seem to be most focused on the shape. The original thought that the diamond shape has a higher balance and smaller sweet spot, then the teardrop a middle balance and medium sweet spot, then the round padel racket with the lowest balance and biggest sweet spot.

Theoretically, should you have padel rackets with identical materials this could be considered accurate. BUT, it is virtually impossible to find 2 different models of racket with the same material and different shapes. Even exactly the same model has slightly different characteristics each racket when produced at the factory.

Padel Rackets Technology

The technology is constantly improving meaning that the majority of padel rackets have a mixture of materials. Many of the brands are now coming out with “oversized” teardrops or “hybrid” shapes. This alters the density of the padel racket and with it the weight and balance. Different brands also use different layers and types of lacquer to cover the racket face, again changing the balance. Brands are also adding metallic head protectors and specially designed throat/handles.

The summary

You cannot rely on a specific shape producing the original characteristics. Generally speaking the diamond shapes do tend to have the balance further up and round rackets further down, but now there is huge variety between models and brands. While you might feel more comfortable with a certain padel racket shape, make sure you are aware of the weight, balance and stiffness if you want to find a similar responsiveness.


Whenever changing padel rackets try to test it before buying and don’t feel restricted by racket shape – you have excellent options for players of all levels with many different brands!