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Guide to Choosing The Best Padel Rackets for Beginners

Guide to Choosing The Best Padel Rackets for Beginners

Welcome to the exciting world of padel! If you're just starting your journey, finding the right padel racket can make all the difference in your game. This guide is tailored for beginners, offering you essential tips and recommendations to select your perfect first racket. Explore our top selection of padel rackets for beginners on our padel rackets page.


Understanding Padel Rackets

Padel rackets come in various shapes, materials, and weights. As a beginner, it's crucial to choose a racket that complements your learning curve and enhances your play.

padel rackets for beginners
Our top padel racket choice for young beginners

Racket Shapes

  • Round: Offers a larger sweet spot, making it easier to hit the ball squarely. Ideal for beginners prioritising control over power.
  • Diamond: Focused on power, best suited for experienced players.
  • Teardrop: A balance between control and power, suitable for players who have mastered the basics.


  • Fiberglass: Lightweight and forgiving, fiberglass rackets are excellent for beginners.
  • Carbon Fiber: Offers more durability and power but may be less forgiving for new players.


  • Lightweight (340-360 grams): Easier to handle and reduces the risk of injuries. Perfect for beginners.

Features to Consider

When choosing your padel racket, consider these essential features for a beginner-friendly experience:

  • Comfort: The racket should feel comfortable in your hands and during play. A good grip size is crucial.
  • Balance: A racket such as the one from Donnay with its weight distributed towards the handle can be much easier to control – a great beginner racket.
  • Price: As a beginner, you might not want to invest heavily. There are plenty of high-quality, affordable options on the market.

Top Recommendations for Beginner Players

perfect padel racket for new players
  1. Varlion LW One & the above LW One Palm: Known for its round shape and lightweight design, Varlion racket is perfect for those who are just starting out.
  2. Slazenger SLZ: With its fibre glass construction, Slazenger SLZ Light offers excellent control and a gentle learning curve.
  3. Drop Shot Oak Soft: A teardrop-shaped racket that provides a good balance allowing beginners to evolve their game.

Tips for Beginners

  • Take a Lesson: Even one lesson can significantly impact your understanding of the game and how to use your racket.
  • Practice Regularly: The more you play, the better you'll understand what you need from a beginners racket.
  • Consult with Experienced Players: They can offer valuable insights and recommendations.

The Best Padel Rackets for Beginners: Final Words

Choosing your first padel racket is a step towards mastering this fun and engaging sport. Remember, the best racket for you is one that feels right in your hands and suits your play style. Don't rush your decision—take the time to explore different options and enjoy the process of discovering your perfect match.

Remember, you can always 'Try Before You Buy' - at Padel Corner :) 

Happy playing!



Q: What should I consider when choosing a padel racket for beginner players?

A: When choosing a perfect padel racket for beginner players, it's important to consider factors such as the weight and balance of the racket, the size and shape of the sweet spot, and the level of power it offers. Find the perfect beginner cheap padel racket tailored to your needs in our exclusive collection here.

Q: Are bullpadel and nox popular padel racket brands for beginners?

A: New padel racket brands for beginners include Bullpadel, Babolat, and Drop Shot, known for offering rackets suitable for players looking to improve their skills.

Q: How important is the sweet spot when choosing a right padel racket?

A: The sweet spot is a crucial feature to consider as it directly impacts ball control and the overall feel of the racket. A larger sweet spot is often preferred by beginner padel players.

Q: What is the significance of the "even balance" and "head heavy" in padel rackets for beginners?

A: Understanding the balance of the racket is essential. An even balance provides a more comfortable and easy-to-handle experience, while a head-heavy racket (weight of the racket) offers more power but may be harder to manoeuvre.

Q: How can I find the right balance between power and excellent control in a padel racket?

A: It's crucial to choose a padel racket that offers a balanced combination of power and control. Look for rackets with features that cater to both aspects of the game.

Q: What are the advantages of using round padel rackets or teardrop shaped padel rackets?

A: Round padel rackets often provide excellent control, making it easier to handle, while teardrop-shaped rackets offer a balance between power and control, suitable for players looking for versatility.

Q: What are the key features to look for in a padel racket in 2024?

A: In 2024, padel players should focus on finding rackets that have a larger sweet spot, are easy to handle, and are well balanced for an improved playing experience.

Q: What are the characteristics of a heavy padel racket that make it easier for beginners to use?

A: Heavy padel rackets for beginners in 2024 often offer stability and a larger hitting surface, making it easier for beginners to control their shots and gain confidence on the padel court.

Q: How can I ensure that I choose the best padel racket that is not too advanced?

A: To find the best padel racket, it's crucial to don’t get something too advanced and focus on options that offer a balance of weight, sweet spot size, and ease of handling, catering to the needs of novice players. A lightweight racket is usually best to start with. 

Q: What role does the balance point of a padel racket play?

A: The balance point of a padel racket is crucial as it determines the overall feel and manoeuvrability of the racket. You should aim for a balanced balance point that complements their playing style and skill level.