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X-Drive BE UNIQUE 2023
X-Drive BE UNIQUE 2023
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SKU: DP284022

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The Drop Shot X-Drive Racquet , located within the Be Unique line, represents a quality model for those demanding players with their game. Some of the characteristics that define the model are the resistance and durability of the racket, the great dynamism that it brings to the game and a high level of playability. 

The model has been made in a teardrop format and Eva Pro rubber, an intermediate rubber that offers power as well as control. Its notability is due to its wide impact area, presenting a very sensitive and dynamic mid-range balance to enhance versatility and its striking unusual attacking performance thanks to the combination of materials.

In the manufacturing process, a  Twin Tubular System -based frame has also been incorporated , faces that combine  Rectangle Carbon 12K  with  CURV 360 technologies  and  3D Face roughness. In addition, we can highlight the  SMART HOLES SYSTEM  and  TEXTREME TECHNOLOGY technologies, two great advances that qualify the Drop Shot X-Drive racket as sublime. The heart of the racket has been designed with  broken angles ; whose main function is to make the structure of the heart more resistant while reducing vibrations during the beating. 

Regarding its aesthetics, we can affirm that it is a model with a very personal character. It has been manufactured in black, highlighting the details in blue and orange tones. As a novelty this season,  iridescent tracings are incorporated  into its aesthetics. Its main quality lies in the fact that depending on the position and light that the product reflects, one color or another can be observed. 


Drop Shot X-Drive Technologies


For the production of the blades that make up our Be Unique line, some of the most sublime and innovative technologies on the market have been used.


• EVA PRO:  It is a harder rubber than Eva Soft and less than Eva Tech, its elasticity provides greater control in experienced players, providing greater touch and ball output, with a medium-high ball speed.

• RECTANGLE CARBON 12K:  New 12,000 filament flat bidirectional Carbon cloth. Due to its number of filaments, it is much finer and more flexible, providing an exquisite touch to the blades made with this material. Very flexible and resistant.

• TEXTREME TECHNOLOGY:  Extra fine and flat carbon with 24,000 carbon filaments per thread, resistant and flexible. Ideal for rackets with maximum control and power. The rackets made with this material enjoy excellence in the game, giving the player an extreme ball feel. 

• SMART HOLES SYSTEM:  Hole distribution system on the face of the racket, in a curved, progressive shape and that provides a better development of mechanical forces at the time of hitting, helping to give effect to the ball and improving the reduction of vibrations.

•  3D FACE:  3D rhomboid-shaped texture, exclusively designed by Drop Shot, to provide greater spin to the ball in shots where maximum spin should be given to the ball, especially designed for aggressive players in their game.

•  ERGO PROTECTOR:  Nylon protector adhered to the racket, without perforation of the frame so as not to weaken it. Very light and replaceable.

•  POLYAMIDE PROTECTION BUMPER:  Polyamide and nylon protector glued on the upper part of the edge of the racket, in the area where it receives all the impacts with the wall and the ground. This protector is glued with an Eva rubber band that acts as a shock absorber to reduce the chances of breakage due to blows.

•  LOOK:  Iridescent, it changes the colour of the blade depending on the light it receives, enhancing its elegance and technology 


Features Drop Shot X-Drive


Product type: Padel racket

Shape: Teardrop

Balance: Medium-high

Game level: Advanced and professional

Structure: Twin Tubular System

Faces: Rectangle Carbon 12K + 3D

Core: Eva Pro

Control: 60%

Power: 40%